Need some extra cash to buy that dress you had eyes on since forever? You could always use your phone to earn some extra money, you know. From selling your pictures to taking surveys, there are many ways you can earn some extra money. All you need is your smartphone and some patience and you will already have money in your hands. Here are a few ways that you can use to make money using your phone.

Sell your old mobile phones

If you have old mobile phones that are still in working condition and are not being used by anyone, sell them. It’s better to sell them and let someone else use it than wasting them away. But before you go ahead and put up an ad to sell your phone, make sure that you have deleted and encrypted the data in it or it might get passed on in wrong hands.

Sell your pictures

Those who have good camera skills are always in demand. The random snaps you take all the time could fetch you money. There are platforms where you could upload your pictures for people to buy. It’s easy and doesn’t take much of your time. One of such platforms is an app Foap where you can earn $5 each time your picture is bought by someone and you can sell your pictures as many times as you like.

Go places

Got itchy feet? If you like wandering about the city, why not make some extra cash while doing so. Apps like GigWalk pay you to visit places in your city. They usually do it to verify some information about the places and pay you to give them the information they seek. Also, for your convenience, the app displays a map around you that shows the available gigs and how much you would be paid for it. Sounds fun, eh?


Your opinions are valuable and people would pay you for them. Taking surveys is an easy way to make money with least efforts. Surveys on the Go is an app that offers you paid surveys and unlike other platforms, they don’t offer you point rewards that you can later redeem for cash but they pay you in cash. Over 500 companies are looking for people who would share their opinions with them and the surveys range from entertainment to shopping. Also, the app is secure and your personal information will be safe with them.


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