When you get a new cell phone, you are usually pretty careful to treat it right. Perhaps you keep the device enclosed in a protective cover. Or maybe you make sure not to leave it on the kitchen table or other services where something could be spilled. Or perhaps you invest in some kind of cleaning cloth for electronic devices, making sure to wipe down the cell phone’s screen every night after a long day of use at work and at home. But as time passes by, you become more and more casual. You start to set the phone down and leave it places without thinking. You remove the protective cover. You get sick of cleaning the phone every single night before bed, and soon one day without a wipe-down becomes three, four, six, and soon a week. Dust accumulates. Scratches appear. It sure is not looking good for your new phone!

But none of this is too tragic, until the inevitable occurs. One day, due to clumsiness, you drop your phone, breaking the iPhone 3g display assembly. The screen is cracked, and now you have to go and see what can be done to fix it. When you take it to the Apple Store, they inform you with a grave face that, in order to fix it, you are going to need to buy a brand new iPhone 3g display assembly, Then, they inform you of the price. Suddenly, you start wishing that you would have been a little bit more careful in the first place. That extra three minutes a day you would have had to have spent in order to give the phone a little bit more care and attention would have been worth it! This is especially true now, when you consider the cost of that brand new iPhone 3g display assembly that you are going to have to buy in order to get your phone up and working again.

If you do not have money to burn, then you might want to consider finding an alternative method to get a new iPhone 3g display assembly, rather than just ordering directly from Apple. Like any well-run corporation, Apple knows that people who are ordering iPhone 3g display assembly pieces are generally doing so out of desperation: their phone screen is cracked and they have no other options. The price, then, is set accordingly. But luckily, as a savvy consumer, you can circumvent the company that originally made your cell phone all together! Instead of relying on them for a brand new phone part, you can look online and see what your options are for buying used pieces. In most cases, consumers are able to locate various gently used cell phone parts through different online realtors. This ends up saving them a ton of money, not to mention the fact that it puts extra cash in the pocket of some individual out there who wanted to get rid of his old phone. So check out your options online today. It never hurts to take a look.


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