There are a dozen or so mobile recycling sites out there on the web that offer a service to dispose of a phone in the best way possible. Money For Your Phone or MFYP is a website that provides a way to recycle mobile phones and get cash for doing so.

In recent years the popularity of recycling many kinds of every day items has increased by a huge amount. Food and drink packaging has been the main focus of governments and local councils to prevent landfill sites filling up too quickly. Now pretty much every home in the United Kingdom has a regular visit by the council to collect glass, metal, paper and garden waste from the roadside. Some councils are even beginning to fine some residents for failing to put recyclable items in the correct bin and not out with the un-recyclable rubbish.

Rubbish tips or refuse plants where people can take their household waste have the usual glass, paper, card and metal but often they have many other additions. Most also now accept: batteries, engine oil, plastic, wood, building materials, household electronics, vacuums, hair driers, fridges, freezers, paint, tyres, garden waste and whatever doesn’t fit into any of those goes in the main refuse pit to be buried or incinerated.

Until recently you couldn’t really get any money for recycling anything. You could for example collect aluminum then sell this on as it is quite a valuable metal. Some people make a living from recovering old aluminum to sell on to the recyclers. The money to be made from most materials in things that people throw away is not enough and anything that is made by recycling is put straight back into the council to pay for and help reduce the running costs to the public.

Now you can make money for recycling your mobile phone. When people get new phones they sometimes don’t do anything with the old one. A lot of them just get forgotten about. The owner may once have had a plan to either sell it, give it away or store it as a back up phone, but after a few months they are usually completely forgotten about as they are infatuated by their new phone.

Old mobiles hold value quite well and recycling websites know this. Getting money for your phone has been made exceptionally easy if you have ever used the web before, which if you are reading this you probably are. Simply visit one of the recycling sites to sell old mobile phones. One there you can enter the model number or chose the make of the old phone then select it to find out how much they will pay for it. The give you a quote and sometimes they offer higher amounts if you accept shopping vouchers instead of money. If the phone is broken, faulty or non-working they will still pay up to 90% of the price of a working model depending on how much is wrong with it.

They will next provide you with a free post address to send the phone to ideally in a padded envelope. Once posted and within 3 days of them receiving the phone your money will be posted by cheque or sent do your bank account or PayPal account depending on how you chose to be paid.


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