Getting cash for phones can obviously vary depending on the condition of your existing handset. If it has a few scuffs and marks which have accumulated over typical use then this should be acceptable. Always check to see what types of mobiles are accepted by a particular recycling firm. Some may want only models which can be turned on, charged and used without hindrance, taking into account any superficial damage caused by wear and tear. Broken displays and water-based accidents might write off your mobile, so read up on the terms and conditions.

When you trade in mobile phones you will be required to send off your handset to the company with ease. Although some will require that you cover the cost of postage yourself, always look for a firm that will send out a bag for the handset with the postage already paid, as this means there is nothing extra for you to hand over when the time comes to recycle.

There are a number of payment methods available when you trade in phone handsets. Some companies will only offer vouchers for various online sites, which may be okay in certain circumstances. However, the most desirable arrangement will involve giving you cash for phones without having any strings attached. The best recycling organisations will post you a cheque covering the value of your handset so that you can pay it into your bank as soon as possible and reap the benefits of recycling your old mobile phone.

There is little point leaving an old handset sitting in a draw where it will lose value and be no good to anyone. In addition if you simply throw a mobile into the bin it will go to landfill and the components it contains can do harm to the environment if not properly disposed of, so recycling is the cleanest, greenest and most financially sensible route to take. Some phones hold their value particularly well and a used smartphone could still be worth hundreds of pounds after you have upgraded it for the latest model, so do not delay and recycle it today.


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