You can get cash for phones mainly because of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, a regulation on mobile phones implemented in 2003. According to the regulation that is in effect in the entire European Union, manufacturers are physically or financially responsible for disposing equipment at the end of its life. The regulation actually draws upon what is known as the extended producer responsibility policy. For every handheld device you submit for recycling then that is still under working condition, you will get a certain amount of money as payout. There are recycling kiosks in place but there are more sites like Envirophone that offer cash for phones to anyone interested so going online may be more convenient for you.

Why recycle?

Just like other electronics, you can’t just throw out cellular phones because they have parts that aren’t exactly biodegradable. Actually, reasons for recycling handheld devices are pretty much the same as recycling ordinary trash. Wrong disposal does more harm than good and so you have cellular phone recyclers popping up all over the place to take care of your unwanted handheld device for you. At the end of it all, more than asking why you should recycle, you should ask yourself why not. Think about it. You’re going to dispose of something you no longer need, get cash for phones, and do your bit for the environment, all in one go.

What to expect

If you recycle by way of a recycling kiosk, you just hook up your cellular phone to the provided cable for a diagnostic test to check your cellular phone’s condition as well as erase data that may be still be present on your phone. After that, cash will be dispensed according to the resale value of your handheld device and your handset will be stored. If you recycle by way of a cellphone recycling site, just search for your cellphone in the provided list to see how much your handset is worth. After that, provide the site with your details. Mobile phone recycling sites like Envirofone will generally let you send your cellphone by providing you with a padded envelope along with a free post label where you can put the address in.

If you’re going to be sending a high-value mobile phone, it is recommended that you opt for special deliveries. Once the cellphone recycling site receives your handset and it has been validated as having passed the standards set, you can expect to receive payment within five to seven days. Keep in mind though that not all handsets will let you receive cash for phones because some may be extremely low-value. However, you can still send in your mobile device for recycling free of charge.

Some reminders

When recycling at places such as Envirofone, make sure that you remove your SIM card and memory card from the handset in order to protect your privacy. If your mobile phone has accessories, you can send those in as well but their inclusion will not increase the cash you will receive because appraised values are usually for the handset alone.


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